My son Elijah just got the new Pro III for his birthday. Love the new design. Lighter and a bit more flexible just like you said. Thanks for shipping it so fast. He loves it and is amazed at how much better it is than the cheap Costco body glove board he had been using.

I think I told you before how our kids love to surf on the waveskaters. I finally remembered to take the camera to the beach and got some photos today. I'm attaching them. The waves were not that great, but the kids had a blast anyways.

We love our waveskaters. They are worth every penny and I tell the kids it's more than a toy, it's an investment, something they will take with them when they grow up and move out."

Thanks for making such a quality product.
— Kenny Arnold


"Hello Bruce

Just returning from another great adventure and once again your Wave Skater product delivered! It's hard to image a better designed, surf tested product than my Wave Skater Body Board. On my grand adventures I've now Body Boarded in Europe (Cornwall, England), Asia (Okinawa, Japan), Hawaii, California, the East Coast from New Jersey -to- Florida, and now Central America (Costa Rica).

In these global jaunts my Wave Skater board has traveled well, but in the process has taken a tremendous amount of abuse thanks to the airlines. However I've never had too much concern due to your superior manufacturing process that not only produces a incredibly tough travel board, but also a board that I've now rode in some of the world's roughest surf conditions. A few years back I read a review of some guy complaining that your boards were "too stiff", and that might be true for some that ride smaller softer East Coast waves - but in Hawaii and more recently in Costa Rica where the waves are large and steep you want a substantial board, one that offers reliable and predictable performance - Wave Skater is that board!

Again, your product added to my vacation enjoyment and for that I say thank you."

Wishing you and all at Wave Skater the best,
— Wes Ridgley

"Bruce, just wanted you to know that I used my Pro II today for 1st time. Was at Manasquan NJ with 5 to 6 ft swells and my pro II was more than I ever expected! I'm 6'3 and 250lbs and the pro II floated me like no board I've had before. Board was fast and agile. Thanks for your help."

— krisnmelis

The K. and H. Arnold family enjoying a day at the beach with their Wave Skater bodyboards.

"We got the boards this week and they are amazing. We have the older generation and pro I and theses Pro II's are definitely the best boards yet. We have seven kids and they all love them. The smaller ones enjoy surfing on the wave skaters as well. I got tired of buying the cheap boards and having them fall apart after one season. They all still look like new. I'm attaching a few pics from out camping trip trying them out this weekend on Masonboro Island. It was cold, but the waves were great. Our favorite things about the waveskater are #1 Indestructible, #2 Easy to Ride, #3 Fun and Fast, #4-10 Indestructible. Arnold family with 7 kids. If our kids are not on one at the beach, then one of their friends has nabbed theirs and is already out on the water."

— K. Arnold

"Just got back from Hawaii last evening, what a great trip! I wish you all the best…again you make a great product!"

— Wes

"We've been using these for rentals for the last three years and they're awesome!"

— Ride The Wind Surf Shop, NC

"This is the best adult high performance, long lasting body board on the market. Don't take my word. Just do some research. We would rent these boards in our shops and once our customers rode the board, they would buy it. You will never buy another board after you get the Wave Skater."

— Corolla Surf Shop

"The best bodyboards ever made!"

— Dow Stewart - Wetsuit World - Stone Harbor, NJ

"The BEST bodyboard out there by far. Nothing rides like a Wave Skater!"

— Marko Grasso, Wavehog Surf Shop - Shipbottom, NJ (Best in Ocean county 2006 & 2007)

"Finally something new in wave riding and this board makes you say WOW! The best bodyboard by far!"

— Michael Lisiewski, Brighton Beach Surf Shop - Long Beach Township, NJ (Since 1962)

"This is the best stop I made at Surf Expo 2009! Looking forward to distributing your boards all over Costa Rica."

W.O.W. Surf S.A.
— C. Herwig

"Hi Bruce,
Have had your board for quite sometime now... am sooo slow in doing my emails. Anyway...Have to say that I am so pleased with my board. Am sure you have heard it all before, but the board is awesome. Its really upped my performance; turns and cut backs are a breeze, catching waves a doddle etc etc. when I first tried it out, I rode it like I did my custom x. Quickly realized that I didn't need to put in the effort like I did with that board. Don't get me wrong; custom x are good boards, but I found the wave skater really light and responsive. Friends like the look of it, but thought it looked too rigid and heavy...looks are deceiving.

anyway i could go on and on..

just thought I should show my appreciation"

— dave sheppard

"I just recently bought a 48" Wave Skater Pro and I am really happy with it. It floats all 250 lbs. of me very well, making it easy to paddle out into the lineup. The board catches waves with ease and is surprisingly fast and maneuverable. Over all, I am very satisfied with the board ! Keep up the good work."
— Don S., Costa Mesa, CA

"Hello, I just wanted to tell you and everyone else how AMAZING Wave Skaters are. First of all the deal is a no-brainer. I've had the board since August and ever since I've had it, I have been ripping waves. This board is sturdy, fast and good with tricks. Everybody should own one and if you don't have one, get one ASAP!"
— Anthony Sorrentino, New Jersey

"Hello. My name is James. I had recently bought your product over the summer. It has to be the best board in the world. My board is Green & Black. I can cut the waves perfectly in New Jersey. I love your product and will never buy a different board again.
So thank you very much."
— J. Boucher - New Jersey

"Just a few shots from today. We had some nice overheads."
— Matt Kent - Delaware




"I love the Wave Skater Pro! I bought my first wave skate a couple of years ago because I had got so heavy that I just wasn't having a great time surfing any more. I started having fun in the waves again. Then, at the beginning of this summer I got on the scale and was 396 lbs. I thought, man I will be 400 lbs by the end of the week if I don't do something. So every morning after I take my boy to school I hit the beach with my Wave Skater and swim fins. I have gone down to 360, and I'm getting pretty good on the waves.

P Little

I have bodyboarded on some 10' plus waves this year with some of the storms we have had go by FL. You know Bill and Danny. Well, there is another storm out there and so this morning I took my son to school and hit the beach, but first I bought a new Wave Skater Pro before I got in the water this morning. It was just after high tide and it was 3-4 glassy and good form. I, with my 360 pound big butt was out there ripping it up. This board is the bomb. Thank you so much for making something so nice.

It is great that I don't have to have a 38" waist to have a Great Ride and doing tricks like a pro. This board will Float over 400 lbs cause sometimes my son hangs on my back as we drop in, which is about 410 lbs and we have a big-time.

Thank you so, so much, P. Little (yes that is my real name) People call me Big Little. If your ever down FL way, please look me up and we go ride some waves together."

— P. Little - Florida


"I've been meaning to send you this letter since I returned from California a few weeks ago. Thank you for sending the two boards out to me. I got to California and found my package waiting there and felt like a little boy on Christmas day. I opened the box and the two boards that you selected for me were the most amazing colors and just perfectly shaped. I could not wait to get them in the water, especially since the west coast was experiencing record breaking waves at the time.

Anyway, I got to the beach and immediately entered the ocean with waves that day hitting heights of 8 ft plus and most beaches limiting people entering the ocean. We hit Moonlight Beach at 7:00 am before the lifeguards, and I was shocked as soon as I started paddling out to catch a wave. The flotation of this board was amazing and I was able to duck dive right out to the lineup.

I set up and started paddling and immediately felt the board stiffen underneath me and with a little pressure on the board with my left hand, the board immediately steered me on an angle left and I was able to enjoy the ride of my life, and I mean the ride of my life. I rode that wave almost to shore I was having so much fun. The only reason I bailed was because I wanted to get back out to the lineup and do it again and again and again.

Bruce, I am a big guy and I have been surfing and boogie boarding for over 35 years. East coast, West coast, Africa, and Hawaii. And I have never ridden so many waves with such ease in my life. I told my wife if this board breaks tomorrow, I will buy another one just to enjoy the rides once again. I use to have a Mach 20 XL the "big boys board," and it never ever even came close to the flotation and the maneuverability of the Waveskater Pro.

By the last day of my trip to California, I was depressed that I had to leave and not be able to boogie board for another year. Well guess what? I got home and I missed my Wave Skater Pro so much that I booked another trip to Cali. for October and me and my new best buddy, the Wave Skater Pro, are going to get together again for a couple of weeks to hammer the So. Cal beaches. I am 54, I don't know how much longer I can enjoy it, but I plan on having as much fun as I can, while I can, with my new best friend. Thanks again and lets go Wave Skater. I may have to order a couple more because all my friends and family want one now. I will be in touch. Thanks again."

— T. Girgenti

"Guys, I will be a Wave Skater Pro owner for life, you have an awesome product. I actually met a guy from one of your other testimonials while riding some hurricane swell last fall in Titusville, FL. I was getting beat up all day while trying to ride my 10'6" long board and not having much fun at all. That's when I saw a 350 pound guy (P.Little) out there tearing it up and having a great time. I paddled over to him and asked him what he was riding and where I could find one. I was sold on the Wave Skater. I went and bought one a couple weeks later and my suspicions were confirmed, the board is tremendous!! Since the Wave Skater is super buoyant and fast , its allows a big guy (6'11", 265lbs) like me to get out there and maneuver with the surfers and not get in anyone's way. I had a blast riding some waves yesterday in New Smyrna Beach, FL and it reminded me to send you guys an email. Thanks for making such an innovative product."

— M.Crawford

"I just rode the waves from Hurricane Bill at Longs Sands Beach in Maine on my 48" Pro. It was epic, 15 footers with bigger sets all day. The surfers in the line-up were shocked to see me but I had no trouble getting out because the Wave Skater paddles and duck-dives like a dream. It makes sick bottom turns, spins like a top, and tracks like it's on rails too.

I'm 6'4" and 230 and never found a body board that worked at all but this thing fit me like a glove and I love it!

Thanks for a really, really fun day."

    More from Mark...day two.

"Great board Bruce, it really works in big water.

The wave tops were on the mushy side yesterday too because of the wind, which was frustrating a lot of surfers, but it's easy to kick, push over the slop, and drop in with your board. Then just crank it left or right and it stays right where you put it on the face.

You can climb and fly out if you need to bail, or point downhill and bolt. Try that on a sponge!

Best handling, best accelerating bodyboard I ever rode - by a mile."

— M. Brunstad - York, ME

"This board is the best thing I've ever used. I'm from the Jersey shore and I beat the crap out of it on our shore break. I'm 275 pounds and I get the wind knocked out of me every time I drop in on a bomb. I thank you and I would love for this to be sold everywhere. In fact, contact me at xx...net and I would love to get these pro bodyboarders from here getting sponsored by you, or just let me sell it myself like Popsicles to a kid on a hot day."

Once again thanks,
— njbeirut

"I took it out on some 3 ft waves, It was an absolute blast. The board was incredibly fast and very responsive in the waves. I tell everyone its my Hydro-Ferrari. Can't wait for next weeks swell to get here."

— Albert Garati

"This is my second board. I am pleased to tell you that all of the previous reviews are true. Your board truly rides like a speed demon in the water and I live in Rhode Island. This board is going to Hawaii where I spend my winter vacation with family, it surely will be amazing there. I'll let you know. Thank you for your creation and keep on keeping on."

Aloha, Chee Pono!
— Doug Gorai

"Bruce, I installed the leash about 1" over the logo and I took the Wave Skater to Huntington Beach today. Surf was about 2 to 4, a bit choppy with moderate sections. Overall, very impressed. I really wasn't expecting to notice major differences compared to my Morey board. But the improvements were quite dramatic:

  • Easier to catch waves
  • Faster
  • Board seemed to track the wall much tighter than the Morey
  • Easier to pull out

Good job. May take the board to Kauai in September"

— T. Dolan

"Dear Bruce, I'm happy to hear you are back...! I now have 3 of your boards—the best boards I have ever ridden in almost 40 yrs. of bodyboarding. I bought one this winter at Coco Beach Surf Co in Fl. as well as one for a friend. If I knew you were going back in production—I would have waited for your new boards. They look awesome. I will spread the word this summer among my bodyboarding buddies on Long Island. Good luck with your new boards."

— J. Hickey

"Well I'm not really an expert. I'm just starting but I tried a few brands of boards and I can tell you that your board made a lot easier to have fun on the waves. I have a lot of control, it is really comfortable, makes it a lot easy to take the waves. I feel more control and its very fast; an awesome board that I can't wait to take out to the waves again.
Thank you for making this great products, congrats."

“Got the board this week and tried it out today. Am so impressed. All the other boarders were so jealous since not only was I going faster but I could spin much better too. Here's a picture of me after 3 hours in the water in the cold waters of Donegal in Ireland...I know I look wrecked but it was such a ride out there as well as dodging the kite surfers as you can see behind me.
Thank you very much..I hope you will be able to sell me more boards for Xmas.”
— Best Regards Kyra

“Just sold my surfboard due to age (I'm 50 and the knees don't work like they used to!) and picked up a black and teal pro board at Longboard House in Indialantic, Fl....Amazing!!! surfing without standing...spent all day out on the beach enjoying the surf..thanks for a great, innovation!.”
— S. Behar, Melbourne Beach, Fl

“I rode it yesterday at El Faro Beach on Rincon Puerto Rico, Good place for surfing. The WAVESKATER on a 6' wave is good, but on a 10' foot and over its much better (awesome), it's like a jet on water, it's very fast. In one moment when I took a wave around 12', I looked to my side and their was a BIG MOUTH looking to eat me, but this time it wouldn't, I rode on my new FERRARI, bye, bye I will see you later. It's much easier to make tricks, and my teammates and others loved it. The people questioned me about it: THIS IS A NEW INNOVATION IN BODYBOARDING, THE WAVE SKATER, PURE POWER AND SPEED.”
— OBCRUZ - Puerto Rico

“I finally managed to get out on the Wave Skater. It’s a very nice board. I noticed right off it likes larger waves. It really performed in overhead surf (that’s overhead for a surfer since practically anything is overhead on a body board.) I showed if off at ...surf shop and the guy working there was impressed so I'll send them your web address.”
— P. Lundquist, California

“Bruce. 2 words. Sick :) Outstanding board and I am very happy with it. I had it out all last weekend in that Ernesto stuff. Handled great. Even at my 195 lbs. it floated me well and handled sharp. Just wanted to take a minute and let you know how impressed I was with you, your service and your company. I will certainly recommend the Waveskater to everyone I run across. Be safe and travel well.”
— D. Kelso

“Just got back from the beach, had a good time with the Wave Skaters! It's a great choice for people who want things that will last. It looks like it is much more durable than the last boards we had that delaminated after 1 month. The coiled leash (better than rope type leash on the last boards), handholds, and better turning ability all make for more fun in the water.”
— Craig Schmith

“Well I finally got to the beach to use my board! I'm no more than an enthusiastic amateur, but I was getting pretty good at cutting back on waves, and I even caught a few curls. Great fun. The board isn't heavy, but it's remarkably sturdy. I certainly couldn't ask for more from a board, and I'm looking forward to many summer vacations of fun from it. I'll also probably have to get some for the kids now—I made them jealous!”
— Ellen P. Kiley

“I recently purchased a Wave Skater at your Carlbad shop. What a fantastic board! I have had more fun with it. It's incredibly light yet strong at the same time. Its length and contours make it very comfortable to ride and add to the maneuverability. It's a Sensational Product. Congratulations!”
— Pat Boyle, La Jolla

“I love the Wave Skater! I would like to buy another from you and have it shipped to my cousin for a gift. Also, I was out the other day and hit a nice shore break. I had the waves to myself and got a bunch of great tube rides! I need to get some pictures for you.”
Thanks again Aloha,
— Jon, California

“I arrived on the beautiful Jersey Shore just in time to catch TS Beryl's swell on Thursday. Grabbed the new Wave Skater and hit the beach early each morning and had an absolutely great time. The board catches everything, turns as well as any bodyboard I've ever ridden and even has enough speed to get me barreled in those pounding beach break waves. Very, very cool design. And at the end of each session, I'd grab the biggest wave I saw, race the curl, then bank the board shoreward and ride all the way to the beach. Anyway, great job on the board. And great customer care, too. I appreciate it.”
— Mike Young, Carrollton, TX

"I like how the board rides—very responsive, but solid. I feel very sure of myself on it, even when the waves are rough, with lots of wind and current."
— Galatea Maman (European sports writer and bodyboard enthusiast.)

"Hello! I am in Daytona Beach and was wondering if there were any dealers near here? I got one of your boards a couple of years ago and love it!"
— Jeremy

"Hello Friend, I own one already but have people interested and want to know where to find them now. Please help."
— Cory Bosy

"Good afternoon, I'm on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia and have just seen your web site. It looks awesome and I would love to get my hands on one. Is there anywhere in Australia selling them?"
— Braddo

"Bruce: P. Fabry from Brick, here. Just want to let you know that the Wave Skater you sold me worked really well on my trip to Bali in March. It was easy to catch waves and turned just fine. I'm gonna need another Wave Skater for here. PS - Everyone in Bali was really impressed with my WS! They'd never seen anything like it, and it was quite the conversation piece."
— P. Fabry

"Hi, my girlfriend and I have two of your bodyboards and just love them! However, we would like to purchase two leashes for these boards.
Do you carry leashes?"
— P. Roberson

"Hello Bruce! We'll hope you are well and remember us? Last year we bought three Wave Skater boards. We've already used them on our last holiday at the Canary Islands. It was a great pleasure and a very good show! Would you please be so kind as to give us a price on four more boards, including shipping to Germany? We'll hope for an answer as soon as possible."
Best regards,
— Juergen and Elke, Germany

"I had a Wave Skater the whole time living in Oahu. Awesome board, and fast and big. I had the Pro 48" and it floated me dry. They are a blast on bigger day."
— Tattrat

"Aloha Bruce, thanks for answering my email. I have a 43" Wave Skater and would like to get a 46" board. Also, I have a few friends interested in 43" - 44" (possibly three or four). As I've said in the past two years- the Wave Skater is the best and the fastest bodyboard I have ever ridden in over 40 years of bodyboarding!!!! Good luck and I hope to hear from you again."
— J. Hickey

"Bruce, I am looking for kids sized boards. We just returned from Costa Rica and the resort we were at had them and they were great.
Do you plan on making any more?"
— D. Allen - Austin, TX.

"I saw an old guy (76) riding your board at Gilgo Beach in Babylon, NY and I want one."
— Mike H

"Hi, just picked up one of your Wave Skater Pro bodyboards. Love it so far. What is your warranty?"
— D. Jakes

"Thank you so much! Your boards are the best! I bought (2) 44" last year for my two sons and they were a blast. I have to have a new one by July, as I have a condo in Cocoa Beach for a week."
— J. Bivens

"Bruce, can we order new boards? We need to order new Wave Skaters. Please let me know availability? ASAP! Our customers are asking for more boards. We carried the last year— Help!"
— Chris, Portasurf Co

"I'm a dealer for Wave Skater. I need more product!"
— Kitty Hawk Water Sports

"Hi Bruce, We have customers looking for more boards. Also, I need a price list so I can order more for the shop from ESS. Also, if they could drop ship them, that would rock!"
— K. Patrick, Specialty Sports

"We tried a Wave Skater board in the Dominican Republic and liked it a lot. We were at the Ocean Beach and Sand Hotel in Bavaro. We are from Spain and have never seen these boards before. I am interested in buying one. We would like to know where we can buy one and also information on the correct sizes?
— T. ZABELL - Spain

"We have 2 of your boards, my fiance Kelley purchased them back in 2006. We absolutely love em! People are always asking us about them because we catch so many more waves and are so fast. Can't say enough good about them! We ride a lot at Sun Glow pier in South Daytona Beach and just can't get enough, good exercise for a couple of 40 something year old hippies!"

— R. & K. Roberson

"Wow! The board was delivered yesterday, within 24 hours of ordering! Excellent job and I LOVE THE BOARD! Very sharp and even better design elements than I could see in earlier pictures. Could I suggest that you post some more close-ups on your site to highlight these details?"
Awesome, I'm on my way!

Thanks again,
— S. McNally

"Just wanted to let you know that I got the board Friday, on time, which was great! I took it over to Huntington Beach, Hermosa Beach & The Wedge. The board performed very well. The Waves were terrible, only 1-3 ft this weekend. But I was still able to have some fun. I had several people ask about the board cause I was able to catch alot of the faster moving sets that others couldn't stay in. I'd have to say that the 2 main things I was the most impressed with were the speed and agility. I'm far from being a pro boarder, but the board turned on a dime so easily it made me look better then I actually am! I'm glad I finally retired my old Morey Mach 6 that I've had since that board was released."
Great Job!

— M. Walker
Sunny Southern California